Art is a vessel for communicating ideas and reaching people, and this aesthetic is how I intend to teach my students. Upon leaving my classroom, I want my future students to obtain the knowledge and skills respective to their artistic endeavors, but even more so, I desire that they gain a means to express their ideas. Out of the prompting from the teacher, students can engage their minds in new ideas and explore various means to communicate them. Through this dynamic are meaningful relationships constructed that encourage further development and interaction inwardly and outwardly. My intention through this dynamic is to build relationships and foster an engaging community that supports itself by investing in its people. These are important attributes that I intend to instill in others, as students have something to contribute, whether it is to themselves, their work, their community and peers, or their loved ones. In an artistic setting, students may have the opportunities to take ownership of their art and apply it toward what is relevant to them. These projects can be about them or something they care about, but out of this sense of ownership, the students can engage in a sort of conversation with others and not just build an audience, but create dynamic relationships.

The setting for where this art making and dialogue begins is a central environment for fostering and building relationships. The pedagogical approach of the teacher is what helps to construct such a setting by offering engaging and challenging experiences to students so that opportunities may be generated for advancing students’ experiences, identities, and interactions. The function of the teacher’s role in this context promotes a disciplined environment that provides a focused and balanced atmosphere for students’ artistic endeavors while also acting to invest in the persons of the students.

The teacher-student relationship operates in a synchronized fashion where the teacher and student are aligned in their objectives, creating positive and rewarding experiences out of this relationship. The teacher does more than deliver content; he acts as a mentor to whatever degree is suitable based on the interests of the student, guiding them along in their explorations and findings with their artistic voice. Through the production of artworks and the circle of dynamic interactions, the art making body facilitates the development of a new social identity, becoming an artistic community in which meaningful relationships are made and lasting experiences are ingrained in the memory and growth of every one of its members. Through my experiences in making and teaching art, I have come to realize its purpose is to function as a medium between numerous parties so that dynamic interactions may be fostered and bonds can be made. It is a pool where every person can pitch in something that others may connect with and respond to, and to facilitate this interaction is my purposeful endeavor.