Having graduated with a BFA in illustration from the University of the Arts, Mike is now pursuing a Master's degree in Art Education at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. He had a wonderful experience at the University of the Arts, having taken part in the Ely Senior Thesis Illustration 2008 Exhibition and was also awarded the Albert Gold Drawing Award. He comes from a town in northeastern Pennsylvania called Dallas, in which he discovered a kindling to art. Since coming from Dallas, Mike has had numerous experiences in teaching with the Noble School of Kutztown, the Philadelphia Arts in Education summer program, at Oasis Arts & Education also in Philadelphia, and Sue Hand's Imagery in Dallas, from which his passion for art originated. Ultimately, Mike's goal is to develop a career in art and art education in which he continues his artistic ventures in various media and offers valuable and stimulating art education to a community of artists. If interested, Mike is available for comments, inquiries, and job offerings. Otherwise, thanks for visiting the site!

(570) 592-5073


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